Quick Update on IHMC and the future…

Well, as some of you probably noticed, IHMC went down late last night. This time is more or less for good, at least from a historical standpoint.

You may have heard about a massive ramp up in hacker activity over the past few weeks. Well, they got my server. Basically the version of Plesk that my VM had was vulnerable and to make things even better it was too old to run the patched version. So, last night it started contributing to the DoS attacks and my hosting provider locked the server. I can’t really blame them. They have actually been excellent and if I were to re-host a server it would be with them.

So for now I’m taking IHMC into the free blog zone and will see where it goes from there. Who knows, maybe this is what I’ve been waiting for to get motivated again.



PS – If you were an author and would like to continue posting, let me know! Sourdies – I lost all accounts and email addresses so hit me up!

2 Responses to Quick Update on IHMC and the future…

  1. ratradon says:

    and no, I don’t expect to keep this theme. Will probably bounce around a bunch to find one that works.

  2. Sourdies says:

    Damn hackers, ohh well just pretend your’e a girl and they’ll probably get afraid of ya and leave you alone haha how you want me to hit you bud? Don’t wanna post my info on here for everyone, should have my info in this post but lemme know if you need something else

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